Cardiac Echo Analysis & Reporting Software, Australia—CardioMotionTM

The CardioMotionTM echo analysis and reporting software from Merlin and available from CDN in Australia changes the game and changes the way you are supporting the rapid identification of cardiac issues.

  • Delivering automation and accuracy to the analysis of your echocardiography studies
  • Shortening examination times
  • Putting quality decision support tools in the hands of frontline clinicians
  • Mitigating delays and risk
  • Using technology and workflows that free up your staff time

Intended for Emergency Medicine, CCU/ICU, Oncology Departments, Medical Centre clinicians, Ultrasound Department, Cardiology departments or regional and remote sites where point of care devices are used. Also beneficial in cardiac monitoring of clinical trials.

Merlin CardioMotionTM is unique as it works effectively with slow frame rate echo clips without the need for an ECG trace for detection and as such is suitable for use with clips from lower specification ultrasound machines.

Using revolutionary image processing technology Merlin CardioMotionTM is based on a platform of proprietary algorithms that enable automatic detection of the ventricular wall and its borders. This provides you with a rapid and accurate quantitative assessment of your patient’s heart’s dynamic performance.

The CardioMotionTM package addresses the need for improved decision support tools for chest pain encounters, fainting spells, dizzy spells and even people presenting with stroke symptoms, monitoring of oncology patients who may experience cardiac strain throughout their treatment. The software will also be useful for clinical trial sites for the monitoring of cardiac changes.

Merlin CardioMotionTM provides fully automated qualitative and quantitative analysis of a range of cardiac parameters, presented intuitively to improve workflow and reporting accuracy.

Rapid Analysis tools

Innovative measurement tools allow you to shorten examination times while preserving the high quality of your clinical evaluation, in the click of a button.

LVivo EF Analysis

Using fast image processing and pattern recognition algorithms to analyse echo examinations. By eliminating the need for statistical modelling and subjective user inputs results are fully reproducible. Automatic detection and tracking of the LV border in each frame of the cardiac cycle. Instant calculation of LV volumes whilst it accurately identifies EDV, ESV, EF and GLS of every recorded beat in the echo clips.

LVivo SG Wall motion analysis

Evaluation of segmental LV wall motion and the segmental score index. The results include categorical qualitative wall motion scores for each beat, calculated using a novel algorithm that utilises multiple motion features to classify the wall motion.

LVivo Strain Graphical summary

Rapid segmental and global LV strain calculation. The strain results are summarised in a “bulls-eye” diagram (quantitatively and by colour coding according to clinically determined thresholds) and saved to an automatically populated report.

Empower your Reporting

Merlin CardioMotionTM can be bundled with CardioSRTM Structured Reporting software to give you quick, accurate and effective echo reports. Results of the analysis can be saved via the results table back to your own repository for later reference, or exported to CardioSR and ‘databased’ for relational searches for your research studies.

This is a powerful and efficient reporting workflow tool that is vendor neutral to echo machine vendor.

Easy Implementation with Portability

With a Windows based operating system Merlin CardioMotionTM can be supplied to you pre-loaded and tested on a laptop device. This provides you with a portable solution to your diagnostic needs that you can use to service a number of echo machines across any number of sites and locations. Dicom images are loaded easily using a USB or DVD, or even utilise your cloud repositories like DropBox or OneDrive.

Contact CDN for a demo, quote or more information on the CardioMotionTM ultrasonic echo analysis and reporting software by Merlin so you can take the next step towards transforming the way rapid identification of cardiac issues is achieved in your setting.