TomTec Imaging

TomTec’s solutions have been designed with the needs of a busy cardiovascular laboratory in mind. With the ability to quickly retrieve and navigate through studies, clinicians are now able to efficiently interpret patient data, while having access to all relevant clinical tools. Our software enables clinicians to review images from all diagnostic modalities, including previous studies to cross-examine clinically warranted findings. All measurements that are performed on the cart are imported and populated to worksheets or reports.
In addition, the user has the ability to perform any echo, vascular or cath lab measurements offline. Both the tools for clinical practice and advanced analysis are vendor-neutral and seamlessly integrated into your workflow.

Central Data Networks are able to provide the TomTec suite of products as a part of your enterprise solution. This means that your echo analysis can be seamlessly integrated into your hospital or practice workflows, and not isolated to a dedicated workstation.

Information on the TomTec range of applications can be found here and your inquiries are welcome through CDN.

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