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Coronary Analysis

Medis Cardiovascular Imaging

Central Data Networks is the authorised Australian distributor for Medis Imaging software.

The Medis story began in 1989 with QCA-CMS (now QAngio XA), the gold standard post-processing software for quantitative coronary analysis. Since then, Medis developments have expanded towards other cardiovascular imaging modalities (MRI, CT, IVUS, OCT) both invasive and noninvasive, for clinical research and routine applications as well as the fusion of some of these applications.

For more than 25 years their installed base of customers expanded to more than 40 countries. Medis Vendor Independent de-facto standards software are used by cardiologists, radiologists, researchers and industry partners who worldwide rely on Medis post-processing software for the quantitative and qualitative evaluation of their cardiovascular images.

QAngio XA

QAngio® XA is the industry-leading post-processing software solution for the analysis of coronary(QCA) and peripheral(QVA) vessels in angiograms, and for the analysis of left(QLV) and right(QRV) ventriculograms.

It offers quantification results that enable interventional cardiologists and radiologists to accurately plan interventions and perform post-interventional assessments. It provides researchers with a solid basis for the assessment of new therapies.

QAngio XA is the combination of the previously well-known QCA-CMS, QVA-CMS and QLV-CMS. QAngio XA has a very flexible modular structure which makes it possible to add any combination of functionality to the basic modules for the analysis of coronary and peripheral vessels and of left and right ventricles.

Features of QCA and QVA (coronary and peripheral vessel analysis)

  • Automatic analysis of straight, ostial and bifurcated segments
  • Fast, two-click and three-click automatic pathline detection and superb, proven automatic contour detection
  • Analysis of straight vessel segments treated with (drug eluting) stents or vascular brachytherapy
  • Sub-segment and edge-segment analyses
  • Innovative bifurcation analysis models (Y-shape and T-shape)
  • Analysis of standard digital, subtracted and inverted images
  • ECG visualisation
  • Very simple and intuitive contour correction options
  • Isocentre calibration


  • Saves time with fast analyses and easy to use, intuitive workflows
  • Offers validated, reproducible results that you can rely on
  • Accurate lumen and reference measurements in vessel analyses support device and treatment selection

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