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BookMI – Online Referral Management

A multi-channel approach to managing Medical Imaging requests from referrers and patient on-line bookings. Giving Medical Imaging businesses full visibility of their requests for services & patient online bookings in a single console that supports their complex workflow.

BookMI empowers Imaging businesses with business intelligence tools to make sense of their referral activity and improve their patient and referrer experience. Our team works closely with you to optimize referrals by up to 15% simply by doing business smarter.

BookMI facilitates the aggregation of both patient self-booking through your website, through booking engines such as HealthEngine as well as requests direct from GPs and Specialists clinical system, only when they have selected to send the request to your business. You can also capture referrals from a variety of other sources such as hospital, clinical trials and contract clients to help improve efficiency in managing these channels of referrals.

The BookMI console enables your team to be proactive with managing the request rather than waiting for the patient to call or present.  You can book to better manage patient flow, staff and resource availability.


BookMI is a Secure Cloud Hosted application that features;

  • Auto Patient SMS upon eReferral receipt with your custom SMS template and ID
  • Supports multiple locations for your organisation in one platform
  • User management tools to control access for your staff
  • Multiple user access with simultaneous access tracking when opening referrals
  • Add user notes and audit all user actions
  • Set reminders that automatically prompt your team to follow-up
  • Filters for open bookings, location, age
  • Global search with multi string capability
  • Status driven workflow to progress referrals to booking
  • Ad-hoc patient SMS capability with custom templates
  • Smart routing for referral allocation to preferred business location
  • eReferral template available to print /PDF to your RIS
  • Aggregation of all referral/request channels to support a single workflow
  • White label – brand for your business
  • Easy deployment – nothing installed on Referrer end as they are just using their own clinical system


Benefits for your businesses:

eReferrals are about supporting your referrers and their patients.  Clinicians are valuing Digital health initiatives that afford them greater efficiency in their practice, assurance and confidence in the continuity of care for their patients.

  • More referrals
  • Prevent loss of patients to competitors and ‘no shows’
  • Improve efficiency
  • Build brand recognition
  • Increase Revenue
  • Mange patient flow through your doors
  • Book your modalities more efficiently with less idle time


Benefits to your referrers:

The choice of imaging provider is made by the referrer in consultation with the patient and the patient can exercise their choice to attend any imaging provider. Where the referrer selects an imaging provider in their clinical system that is setup to receive eReferrals they can send this to the selected provider (and only that selected provider) in real time.  Referrers continue to refer to other imaging businesses without eReferrals as per normal – nothing changes.


When a referrer decides to send an eReferral the outcomes are as follow:

  • Their patient is booked rapidly and for the correct study
  • Increased confidence that patient attends, the study is performed and they can return to review their results.
  • Supports continuity of patient care
  • Supports Telehealth consultations where the patient cannot access a paper request form
  • Guarantees secure report delivery returned to their clinical system


Benefits for your patients:

eReferrals make it easy for patients to manage their health.  When their doctor selects an imaging provider that accepts eReferrals they can expect

  • A proactive, timely and convenient process to assist them booking an appointment
  • Advise preparation and fees
  • It can minimise waiting times for the procedure
  • Prevent procedure cancellation by having the right information in the eReferral and not needing the paper request.