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4D Flow

Complete assessment of your MR 4D Flow data

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4D Flow

Caas MR 4D Flow is specifically designed to extract relevant information from 3D phase-contrast (PC) MR images, within a few clicks. Based these phase-contrast images, two pioneering 4D Flow modules are offered to perform a complete flow analysis that can aid in reading and interpreting cardiovascular MR images and assist in planning the time and type of an intervention. These two modules include a module to analyze vessels, from the aorta up to smaller vessels in for example the kidneys (Caas MR 4D Artery), and a module to analyze the heart valves in terms of regurgitation fraction (Caas MR 4D Heart).

Key Results:

  • Visualization of aortic blood flow as streamlines, pathlines and color-coded vectors
  • Distribution of wall shear stress and local values of wall shear stress
  • Pressure difference over a segment
  • Visualization and quantification of regurgitant fraction over all four valves
  • 2D flow phase-contract analysis

The Wall Shear Stress Analysis and Pressure Difference Analysis are not 510(k) cleared and therefore not meant for clinical decision making.