Caas Qardia

Complete work-up of your 2D echocardiography data

Caas Qardia facilitates a complete and quantitative assessment of your 2D transthoracic echocardiography studies. Caas Qardia is operated via your web browser to perform streamlined echo analysis from any laptop or PC. Flexible functional and ready for telemedicine! 

Innovative AI driven LVEF and Strain analysis, along with a comprehensive suite of standardised cardiac measurements and PISA analysis of valvular function gives you a complete evaluation and reporting system without using multiple software packages.

Users Can Re-Measure

Customise Caas Qardia to fit your preferred work-up protocols

Caas Qardia allows you to create customised catalogues of measurements containing the analyses you require. Multiple custom catalogues may be created, for example based on your centre’s standard operating procedures (SOPs) for a specific clinical indication or patient group.

Auto Contours

Myocardial strain analysis

Our validated myocardial strain workflow allows you to obtain the best assessment of global and regional cardiac wall mechanics.

Unique deployment options

Being the world’s first true web browser-based echo analysis solution, Caas Qardia leverages ease of use as well as versatility. Perform all of your echo analyses from home or anywhere within your institution. No local Caas Qardia installation is required. Note: Caas Qardia can also be used as a classical standalone workstation application if desired.

Key results

  • Ejection fraction and ventricular volumes
  • Global and regional myocardial strain
  • Diastolic function
  • Valvular function including PISA analysis
  • Cardiac dimensions

Key product features

  • Seamless playback and review of echo clips
  • Create and customise your preferred measurement SOPs
  • Assess your patient’s myocardial strain, ejection fraction and cardiac volumes in a guided manner
  • Comprehensive reporting and export options available
  • Client-server solution, no local installation required. Runs on a web browser