Cardio Vascular Information System

The Central Data Networks CVIS  is a web-based versatile portal that is adaptable to meet the requirements of your enterprise. It supports multi-site, multi-room and multi-consultant environments and is currently working across large enterprise installations of over 40 hospitals as well as local private practices. As a locally developed solution provider, CDN are able to make available our development team to tailor our CVIS to match and enhance your Cardiology workflows. Solutions that work for you, for your staff and for your patients.

CDN’s CVIS is an intuitive, powerful patient management system with a flexible user interface which allows reception staff to make bookings, automatically send letters and SMS reminders and track a patient’s journey. It can link to electronic Medicare, Private Health Fund and third party billing systems via HL7, XML and other predefined protocols.

Because of the systems flexibility, it is flexible in its booking matrix which allows reception staff to allocate rooms, consultants or procedures based on room or clinician availability.

The rich and flexible graphic user interface allows all users to easily setup a desktop to their personal preference so that they can allocate patient bookings for rooms, consultants, tests or procedures based on their availability. It allows consultants to record clinical notes, prescribe medications, refer patients for tests and procedures, and will automatically generate letters and reports. The CVIS system includes up to date PBS/MBS details allowing a consultant to generate prescriptions. CDN CVIS also supports label printing including barcodes, and can have a bar code scanning capability for consumables.

Consultants or other privileged users (Sonographer, Cardiac Technician) can also record current medications, known allergies and adhesive allergies.

Our CVIS has bi-directional messaging and can receive multiple inbound HL7 feeds from the Hospital Information Systems to update patient information, in real time, and create new patient records. It can send to multiple simultaneous outbound connections and our eHB [Enterprise Health Broker] allows multiple routing of HL-7 messages from V2.x, XML, V3.x, DICOM and others. Complete and secure audit tracking of changes, updates and modifications is included. The CVIS is able to query and find a patient record on a HIS and import this patient into the CVIS provided the HIS is complaint with the IHE Cardiology Technical Framework. If the HIS/CVIS link is down, then creation of a temporary patient record and booking is still possible.

Our solution includes a scanning functionality to attach scanned patient records, referrals and results to the patient record via a single click of an icon.  Security of patient records and details is paramount, and limiting access to records specific to a consultant or a designated group of users is provided by our sophisticated roles and privileges system. This limits patient information to specific users within patient “groups”. Other consultants in that group can share information.

Our CVIS works collaboratively as a patient booking system to ensure patients who are seen in the consulting suites can subsequently be booked for a test or procedure from anywhere in the enterprise. It has a high level of flexibility so users can choose which consulting and/or procedure rooms they wish to view, and the CDN local development team in our Sydney offices are able to work with you to tailor our solution to meet your needs.

The CVIS has pre-formatted clinical reports, including correspondence or dictated letters, which can be sent electronically to the referring doctor, plus there is the capability to send documents via HL7, email and other means.  We can establish business rules which will govern the sending of reports and letters to recipients, plus preparation notes, reminders, fasting protocols etc.

The flexible reporting functionality allows practice managers and billing staff to run a variety of detailed billing reports and statistics of patients processed on the day, split by consultants, across each site. The latest Microsoft SQL database is accompanied by a robust set of reporting tools for administration users.  There is no limit to the reports which can be generated.  Detailed predefined report templates/analysis is included within our suite of report templates and further templates can be modified and created as necessary.

Our CVIS can manage duplicate patient records with patient merge and has the ability to accept multiple MRN/URN for a patient. In addition it is capable of creating an Area Unique Identifier (AUID) which allows for merged patient records to have one unique identifier throughout the enterprise.

CDN CVIS includes a SQL database structure which allows the classification of test/procedure types and associates them with test/procedure duration,  doctor, procedure room or lab. Every procedure room and or modality can have customised test durations, and these durations can be manually overwritten if required.

The scheduler allows users to easily and efficiently find the next available appointment for any test/procedure on any given day in any room with any doctor, with customisable search fields. This affords its users the ability to search via multiple parameters. For example by  room, specific day of the week, specific time of day, modality, site and resource.

The CVIS is able to clearly present the booking matrix for a designated site, while hiding all bookings and appointments for other sites if required. Reception staff at one site can only see alternative sites if they have authority to book patients at those sites. This is built into the roles and privileges system in the CVIS. The same roles and privilege system can also give management access to all practices on the enterprise system.

CDN CVIS is able to  manage and record all inpatient events during an inpatient visit to a cardiac ward  and this information can be used to generate a discharge summary. This discharge summary may be custom developed for your institution. 

The system includes DMWL [DICOM Modality Work List], and we can interface with your PACS system and billing system. We  also utilise HL7 protocols to connect with other disparate systems.

CDN CVIS includes proven data mining capabilities which are embedded or via use of third party tools using methods such as SQL Query, MS Access or Crystal Reports. All fields contained in all modules include this functionality, including keyword queries from the body of the text. In addition the data mining capability is extended via the use of Microsoft SQL Report Builder. All data fields are accessible and extracts can be exported to Excel and other organisational software.

Our local software team provides the capability to data migrate all of your existing clinical information including patient demographics, reports, letters, bookings and clinical information currently contained in fields including all measurements and diagnostic findings.        

CDN will support your investment and take a lead role in the project management, maintenance and development of your project as we control our software IP for your benefit. We are an Australian owned and located company, with a strong focus on ICT development. We actively participate in your business strategy and support prime contractor status for all works involved. We have local support engineers in all Australian states who are supported by engineers from our head office where our 24/7 support team is based. All of our engineers have an in-depth understanding and experience of DICOM, HL7, IHE, ITIL and project management skills.

Our CVIS Web viewer is a “Zero-foot-print” HTML enterprise wide solution which allows unlimited access to patient results and reports from all of your workstations. Access is available from designated users throughout your enterprise.

CVIS includes report locking of reported and signed off records and reports for all modules There is the ability for addendums to be added, tracked and logged with our secure long term audit file of all activities, fields and content on the system. Only a designated class of users can add addendums. Interim reports are clearly identified as interim.

Final approval of reports is set by system the administrator along with the allocation of users’ roles and privileges, so reporting cardiac technologists, registrars and fellows are not able to finalise and approve any test/procedure that is outside their system permissions.

Urgent/Critical report/result notification is able to be sent to treating and referring clinicians via a variety of means such as SMS via right click menu of the mouse.

CDN CVIS is the perfect partner for your EMR or Practice Management sysytem, and provides a lexible and effective solution to your workflow needs.

If you have considered enhancing your practice workflow to give you more time for your patients then simply click here to send a new email or call our customer service team on 1300 722 632.

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