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Professional Services

Implementation, Project Management, support services

As an ISO9001 & ISO13485 accredited company, the processes and methodologies employed by CDN constitute part of our certification process.

For your solution design, CDN will appoint a project team lead by a CDN project manager to perform this implementation in conjunction with the your technical, IT and project resources.

The staged approach for the implementation of the CDN software into your sites will be:

  • Implementation Planning Study (IPS) confirming workflow process and capacity.
  • Installation of servers (install hardware)
  • Loading of software
  • Build team training (Super user and database build training)
  • Workflow prototyping (confirm set up procedures)
  • Build and development phase (Database build and data transfer)
  • System Quality checks (end to end system testing)
  • User training (Super users training end users)
  • Go live

CDN Project Manager

The CDN Project Manager for your installation will have project management skills and experience commensurate with the size, complexity and risk of the project. The CDN Project Manager is accountable to the Project Implementation Team for the successful delivery of each phase of the project within agreed parameters for cost, time and quality as set out in the detailed Project Plan.

Training plan

CDN will schedule Applications resources to work as part of the CDN project team. As part of this process, the applications people will be included in the project plan for both User Acceptance testing (UAT) and end user training.
System administration training will be included in this training program to ensure that your team are fully conversant with the new facilities that will be available to them following this installation.

Application specialists provide training focused on the distinct needs of individual users: from a physician performing diagnosis, to a technician capturing images, to a clinical user surveying the comprehensive patient information. Training can be planned for individuals or groups, and super-user training is available to enable on-site experts to quickly answer routine questions.

A train-the-trainer methodology is utilised which empowers key your personnel to instruct new staff without the added cost of applications specialist being required for each new hire.

Post implementation review

Usually 2 to 4 weeks after Go Live, both parties would carry out an implementation review. It is normal that we analyse the implementation procedure and identify any issues from either side and find out any strategies to incorporate for an improvement in future software implementations. In addition we will clearly define any outstanding issues which may be left over from the implementation and who owns the each issue and a negotiated delivery date.

Software release planning

With each release of software it is recommended that a strict implementation policy is followed. Correct testing in a secure non production test environment and training of Super users will be required before the product is released to the users in the Radiology practice or the hospital. Notification of upgrades plus training of users would be incorporated into the procedure.

Ongoing support services

A comprehensive on-site warranty is provided with all of our installations. This warranty covers all software bug fixes and any hardware parts and labour that may be required.

Post warranty, the ongoing service contract period commences. The quarterly maintenance contract fee includes comprehensive cover for all supplied products.