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Storage – VNA

Storage (Life Cycle Management)

CDN product range extends to a comprehensive archive that has “Life Cycle management tools” of storage over a long term. PACS is very data storage relevant for long term access and retrieval of information (images and reports). Like a VNA (Vendor Neutral Archive) the CDN storage repository is “neutral” in that we will port the information via our eHB to another facility seamlessly and on demand.

Our comprehensive interface layer operates between HL7 & DICOM layers (and other relevant standards-based protocols) to manage the storage across an enterprise, district, regions. The CDN Storage archive is HL7 A28, A31, A34 & A40 compliant to manage to the patients’ information across your systems with build in trigger point to purge at trigger points in the STA (Short Term Archive) to keep your data redundant efficient. With a DB and storage system like this linked with a XDS registry and repository makes for an efficient and manageable LTA (Long Term Archive) with real Life Cycle management built-in to keep rapidly accessible data readily available and longer-term archive data reasonably accessible for an excellent end users experience.

The CDN overlying architecture of the storage facility is managed with web portal access for administrators and so make this an ideal means to manage your data from a variety of locations 24/7.