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Software as a Service [SaaS]

CDN has a broad range of skills, with systems within Justice, Health, Council and Sports organisations, and communities across Government and Non-Government just to name a few. There is no community untouched by CDN’s intellectual property in some way. Our skills allow you to deliver our software application from our or your hosted location. We stand ready to meet your community’s requirements. Email us at sales@cdn.com.au

Collaborative Research Dossier – click here for brochure

New cloud computing technology has made possible the Collaborative Research Dossier (CRD) from CDN.

Think of CRD as a ‘Virtual RIS PACS” in the Cloud where you can upload DICOM Radiology studies from any vendor PACS, to the secure hosted Data Centre facility operated by CDN.  This provides you with a number of capabilities that were not possible before.

Teaching files: Delivering teaching files and access to students is now possible without the need for them to access your PACS on your secure hospital network. Teaching curriculum can be created with other multimedia content comprising movies, pictures and documents. The integrated course content module holds a database of student records with examinations and their learning results.

Overflow or after hours reporting. Multiple practices or imaging locations are able to send Radiology studies to the PACS in the CRD. These are collated onto a work list that can also be accessed from anywhere. Radiology reports can be dictated and either sent electronically to the originating source, or to a typing facility for further editing.

Diagnostic collaboration. Collaboration is now possible between yourself and your colleagues regardless of which vendor PACS you use, as the CRD facility permits a vendor agnostic interchange of information. Images can be viewed with full DICOM resolution via the Merlin viewer permitting detailed diagnosis and shared medical opinions.

Research collaboration. Individual and collaborative research is also possible. You can build your own research dossier, or by allowing your colleagues to access your training folder, they can add interesting content that supports your research. The encapsulated viewer provides a comprehensive set of diagnostics tools allowing you to manipulate and even cine through  multi-slice image sets

Presentations at conferences. These can be facilitated by preparing your teaching material in advance at your institution. You are able to build Units and Lessons containing real Radiological studies, not just pictures, plus movies and documents. You can present these while online to the CRD via the internet  to your audience.  All of this is accessible quickly from anywhere in the world via the web as CRD is a hosted service.

Discuss your specific requirement with the team at CDN today.

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