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Cardiac Diagnostics

Cardiac Diagnostics

Both MRI and transhoracic echocardiography are routinely used in cardiology for assessing cardiovascular structure and function. Frontiers in the field of cardiac diagnostics comprise amongst others of MR 4D Flow analysis and myocardial strain analysis using echocardiography. We offer streamlined solutions that guide you through these analyses and many more.

Caas MR Solutions

The function and condition of the heart and peripheral arteries can be analyzed with Caas MR Solutions. Within this software package, several workflows can be chosen. 3D PC-MR images of the heart and major vessels can be analyzed with Caas MR 4D Flow. MR images of the heart can be analyzed for functional, viability and perfusion analysis with Caas Functional Analysis and Caas Tissue Characterization. Caas MR 2D Flow features tools to quantify blood flow in the major vessels using 2D PC-MR images. Caas MR Strain enables quantification of strain parameters such as global longitudinal strain (GLS), global circumferential strain (GCS), and global radial strain (GRS) based on the deformation of the myocardial wall.
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Caas Qardia

Full work-up of echocardiography studies: Customizable and web browser based.

Several workflows are offered in Caas Qardia:

  • Cardiac measurements module contains a customizable workflow to perform standardized measurements on 2D, M-mode and Doppler images.
  • Myocardial Strain analysis module assesses regional and global cardiac wall mechanics.
  • Volumetric analysis module provides ejection fraction, stroke volumes and cardiac output.
  • Rapid synchronization of stress echo images.

Caas Qardia can be used in a client-server way: Easy access from anywhere in the hospital. No local installation is required.