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Voice Recognition

Voice Recognition [VR]

Since the early days of VR, CDN has worked with the world’s leading VR team delivering an integrated VR into the CDN products. The VR from CDN is fully integrated and context linked to the active case being report.

These is no need to check which case a user is reporting on as our multi- thread processor technology is in full sync with the dictation process.

Our VR system maintains context even when there is an interruption to your workflow and the user must select an ad hoc case to add further reporting details on the case in question.

The Registrar / Radiologist [Part 1 & 2] process for certification and review process is an integral part of the CDN Merlin’s RIS / PACS system and so to is the on-line report authorisation for an efficient workflow from end-to-end across the enterprise.

The VR is managed virtually via your cloud environment or a CDN hosted process, either way the efficiency, reliability and accuracy of the report is upheld even with unique dialects from a variety of speakers.