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CDN e-Orders

The e-Orders app is a means for an authorised user to book a patient on-line from your BYOD from anywhere. This means for certified users, including patients, clinicians, referrers, Radiologist and others, the user is able to book a patient for a procedure. The app caters for users on a variety of mobile devices which extends from a PC/iMAC, to include iPhone, iPAD, Android and other compliant devices. This quick and efficient e-Order APP can be downloaded from the AppStore or can run on all universal PC/BYOD devices in a HTML5 website accessible format from your own website. The CDN e-Order is a quick and user-friendly way to book a patient into the correct department to reliably keep your booking schedule full. The SMS capability is there to remind your patient of the appointment schedule time for a reliable timetable for business continuity. Includes the capability to photograph referral documents, clinical notes, visual light images for eventual inclusion into the patients’ medical record for immediate on-line retrieval. The immediacy of access to images goes towards better reporting outcomes as the image comparison capability on reporting is of significant use. E-Orders can be linked to the CDN RIS aka CRIS and via HL7 can be interfaced to your current RIS. E-Orders provides the full picture for your clinical reception staff to manage the patient schedule appropriately & for Medicare authority purposes.

CRIS [CDN Radiology Information System]

CRIS is a zero footprint web application that allows reception staff and other clinical users to manage the patient journey across the department. The colour coded feature provides the user with “at a glance” capability to efficiently fill gaps and manage the patient journey in a timely way from beginning to end. When linked with a EMR, EHR, HIS or the CDN e-Orders module allows the clinical receptionist to book [like a scratch pad] and schedule your patient’s appointment. The SMS capability is available for reminders to ensure your appointment schedule is full for the benefit of the business manager and other clinical users. The scheduler includes varying “time-laps” capability for procedures such as Nuclear Medicine and other time lapse episodes which need to be managed. Widely used and accepted, CRIS features Intelli sense functionality for postcodes, address, booking codes, referrers, etc for users to quickly complete the task with the patient perhaps at the counter. The inbound / outbound HL7 capability within CRIS makes the EMR and other disparate applications usable to the other users across the enterprise. Many other compliant interface standards like XML, WebServices, DB-2-DB are also available. Help is never far from the fingertips of the user, as are DB4, procedure notes, Clinical reports, etc for dispatching to the referrer / patient. For the CRIS system administrator, there is minimal user management activities through streamlined and logical functions and in addition extensive KPI reporting capability from the MS SQL DB is available for the business manager to monitor the analytics of their business.

eBroker [enterprise Health Broker]

The agile enterprise CDN eHealth Broker is to set you free and with reliability send structured messages between numerous disparate systems. This tool kit allows the users to use HL 2.3 to V 3.0 and exchange messages seamlessly between channels. eNTERPRISE HEALTH BROKER [eHB]  is an engine that drives change across a Health Enterprise to make a difference. Using the latest technology, Central Data Networks (CDN), has amalgamated knowledge and technology with the minds of many, simplifying user interface[s] accomplishing complete interoperability among healthcare information protocols.

Virtually any universal standards are converted to communicate with formal standards between your EMR, HIS, RIS, PAS, LIS, EHR etc, between various vendors. Includes interface standards conversions between HL7 2.x to HL7 3.x or HL7 to XML or HL7 to Web services, etc

  • Intuitive Interface
  • Simplified Standards Support
  • Connect our data
  • Database integration
  • Integrated lookup tables
  • Rapid deployment
  • Easy interface management
  • Guaranteed Delivery
  • Transform your data
  • Customise formats

Merlin PACS

The CDN Merlin PACS is well established with many users delivering outcomes via the user-friendly GUI which links the next action at the fingertips of the Radiologist, Registrar, Dentist, Veterinarian via the next the next mouse clicks. The CDN PACS is widely used across many industries, eg Dental, Radiology, Vascular, Cardiology surpassing and delivering outcomes beyond that of many other facilities. The CDN PACS is a versatile platform delivering across many areas, that maybe relevant to our site, district, region or enterprise.  Just some bonus relates to the features of the back end and are just as important as the front-end user and these are the capacity for multiple MRN’s, the iCache, where our PACS is structured to deliver images & reports where and when you need them.

Built around the Microsoft environment, this makes for an efficient and a team familiar with the technology to easily support the PACS platform and puts the IT manager at ease. The Manager then time to build capacity to build a strong support management team on which your applications will integrate and function seamlessly. AD, MS SQL and other state of the art applications are integrated into the latest releases and thus means a more efficient and knowledgeable workforce which deliveries a better return on investment and at a lower usage cost, which is important for the business financial controller and your IT manager.

The versatile users GUI means the end user can manage the hanging protocols, the use of mouse buttons and an array of other image manipulation features. Integrated messaging between the Radiographer, Registrar, Radiologist and referrer offers real clinical advantage to patient outcome across the enterprise, region.

Voice Recognition [VR]

Since the early days of VR, CDN has worked with the world’s leading VR team delivering an integrated VR into the CDN products. The VR from CDN is fully integrated and context linked to the active case being report. These is no need to check which case a user is reporting on as our multi- thread processor technology is in full sync with the dictation process. Our VR system maintains context even when there is an interruption to your workflow and the user must select an ad hoc case to add further reporting details on the case in question. The Registrar / Radiologist [Part 1 & 2] process for certification and review process is an integral part of the CDN Merlin’s RIS / PACS system and so to is the on-line report authorisation for an efficient workflow from end-to-end across the enterprise. The VR is managed virtually via your cloud environment or a CDN hosted process, either way the efficiency, reliability and accuracy of the report is upheld even with unique dialects from a variety of speakers.


This is the latest technology and uses no app, but delivers optimal end users experience to the BYOD device across the enterprise from any browser. HTML5 code includes a more efficient integration means of content delivery from the likes of PACS images and reports repository to end users in a cleaner and content rich environment for the users to interact with. The CDN HTMLVue will provide more and more content for the end users, that will consist of not only Radiology features, but for uses in other environments, such as Cardiology and other “ologies” in the health sector. The CDN HLMLVue includes the full suit of tools for a busy clinical environment such as Pan, Zoom, ROI, Play, WW/WL, Cine, Measure, Ruler, Layout, Angles etc. Historical images and reports are displayed with ease making this the ideal clinical users platform for all medical imaging requirments

Referral Portal

Fast, efficient, and secure remote access is important when located a distance from a major clinical hospital facility. This is where the CDN referral portal system come to the fore. Secure in that the DMZ between the hospital infrastructure and this referral portal will not bring down your primary system via a DoS. The back end is web based for ease of use by the end user and thus images and reports are delivered when the user needs them most, with the patient sitting next to the referrer.

This portal is secure in other ways that meet the HIPPA and other statuary requirements and the DMZ means the system is fenced off from the primary PACS system.

Storage [Life Cycle Management]

CDN product range extends to a comprehensive archive that has “Life Cycle management tools” of storage over a long term. PACS is very data storage relevant for long term access and retrieval of information [images and reports] and like a VNA [Vendor Neutral Archive] the CDN storage repository is “neutral” in that we will port the information via our eHB to another facility seamlessly and on demand.

Our comprehensive interface layer operates between HL7 & DICOM layers [and other relevant standards-based protocols] to manage the storage across an enterprise, district, regions. The CDN Storage archive is HL7 A28, A31, A34 & A40 compliant to manage to the patients’ information across your systems with build in trigger point to purge at trigger points in the STA [Short Term Archive] to keep your data redundant efficient. With a DB and storage system like this linked with a XDS registry and repository makes for an efficient and manageable LTA [Long Term Archive] with real Life Cycle management built-in to keep rapidly accessible data readily available and longer-term archive data reasonably accessible for an excellent end users experience.

The CDN overlying architecture of the storage facility is managed with web portal access for administrators and so make this an ideal means to manage your data from a variety of locations 24/7.