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About CDN

Company History

Central Data Networks was formed in 1994, to focus on the evolving IT business in the areas of communications/networking and Radiology.

At that time the businesses mainstream activity included, Computer Data, cabling, Computer customisation and Communications Products. These activities included some of the first microwave high bandwidth installations in Australia transmitting medical images between large regional areas of Australia.

Since then RIS, PACS and WEB solutions for Radiology and Cardiology has become our major business drivers.

CDN works with world class Radiologists throughout the Asia Pacific region and in particular Australia, to provide the very latest Medical Imaging solutions to major Hospitals, teaching Hospitals, private clinics and private and public radiology businesses throughout the region. We focus on delivering optimal Australian Radiology workflow.

Software Development

All of CDN’s solutions are built to accepted industry “open” standards.

CRIS is HL-7 compliant, which ensures that it will integrate with other vendor systems and external customers. It is proven in large scale deployments into 3rd party Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solutions.

CDN’s PACS and Web solutions are also built to IHE compliant industry standards. CDN was initially a PACS and Web only provider. We built the CDN business with integrations to external RIS providers. CDN has active PACS installations with the majority of other RIS solutions provided from the major international vendors.

CDN’s solutions are also built using hardware independent technologies including Microsoft SQL for the databases, and Silverlight for Web deployable software such as CRIS and WEB. This enables the CDN solutions to operate on vendor independent hardware and also Windows and Apple MAC desktop and laptop hardware.

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