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Tom leads the way in China

Tom leads the way in China

With strong links to Asia, project manager Tom Wang is forging a positive relationship with customers in China.

For the past five years Tom has been at the forefront of Chinese projects, ensuring smooth outcomes and customer satisfaction.

He often assists with providing PACS, CVIS, CardioSR and Merlin Web services with accuracy and knowledge.

“My primary role is Project Coordinator and China Project Manager,” he said.

“My duties are to ensure all projects are delivered on time, with planned budget and quality.

“To achieve this I spend most of my time planning stuff and talking to other people, especially for some of our Chinese projects where I am often the project manager myself.”

Tom says he gets a buzz out of working with CDN and helping others.

“The most beautiful part of the project management job is that it provides great opportunities to communicate with different customers, understand their workflow and needs, as well as learning new knowledge from them.

“It also makes me very happy and satisfied when a project goes well, finishes on time and brings value to our customers.”

Tom arrived at CDN with a strong background in software. He previously worked for a Chinese ERP (enterprise resource planning) software company for three years, where he begun as a site engineer before moving onto a project management position.

Apart from his dedication to his job, Tom also likes to spend time away on weekends enjoying another passion. “Fishing… I love it!” he said.